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If you’re an exec whose position requires any writing at all, it might occur to you that before you write an article or a speech you should jump on the Internet and do a thorough topic search – an original suggestion from author Stephen Spignesi. Thanks. You might even already know that you have to check reference materials at the library – another handy nugget of advice. But if your background is in technical expertise, not in word crafting, and you find yourself responsible for actually writing things – a prospect as enticing to you as root canal – then this book is for you. It organizes ideas concisely and simply (Almost too simply: Any sixth grader could use it). While some content appeals only to freelancers (like a talk with a publishing-house acquisitions editor), getAbstract recommends the guidance and direction this book gives to would-be or must-be writers who are uncomfortable with writing. You know who you are.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the Internet is a writer’s best friend
  • Which six steps lead to perfect prose
  • How you can write about any subject — whether it interests you or not.

About the Author

Stephen J. Spignesi specializes in popular culture subjects, including television, film, contemporary fiction and historical biography. His many books include JFK Jr., The Complete Titanic, The Lost Works of Stephen King, The Beatles Book of Lists and the Italian 100. The author says he has written many nonfiction books about subjects that he admits he knew nothing about before he got the book assignments.



What Is an Instant Expert?
An instant expert is someone who must learn a great deal about a subject in a relatively short period of time (usually under a deadline of some sort), in order to write something about that subject.

The purpose of this book is to help you find ...

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    Chuah Yi Wu 5 months ago
    Interesting: do not try to write what you think they want to hear or what they ex­pect. In­stead, write what you want them to know.

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