Summary of How to Deal with a "Drive-By" Manager That's Never Around


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To manage a perpetually “busy boss” stay organized, be adaptable and learn to “manage up.”


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Is working for a perpetually “busy boss” causing you stress? Lifehacker editor in chief Alan Henry offers practical suggestions for the best ways to “manage” a busy boss, including how to communicate effectively and how to get the help and feedback you need to succeed. Henry also emphasizes the importance of time management, delegation and learning how to set boundaries to prevent becoming overwhelmed. getAbstract recommends this article to everyone who is working under a busy boss and looking for strategies to help improve the workplace situation.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to “manage up,”
  • How to communicate effectively with a “busy boss,” and
  • Why you must learn to manage your time and assert boundaries.


“Drive-by managers” come in many forms. In general, these managers spend most of their one-on-one time with you assigning new tasks but offering little help or feedback on your work. One reason for this management style could be simply that your boss is wildly busy. Alternatively, your manager could...
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About the Author

Alan Henry is editor-in-chief at Lifehacker. He previously covered tech news, gaming, mobile tech and science for Ziff Davis.

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