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How to Spot a Liar summary
Ferret out the liars in your life by honing your lie detection skills.


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Like the proverbial tree falling in an empty wood, a lie reverberates only when recipients choose to believe it; that is, liars need enablers in order to fib successfully. How can you identify the prevaricators in your life? Expert “liespotter” Pamela Meyer reveals a few tips to help you distinguish between fact and fiction. getAbstract honestly believes everyone can benefit from her lessons.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why everyone is a liar,
  • What telltale signs liars exhibit and
  • How you can improve your lie detection skills.


Everyone lies. Telling white lies is often an innocuous social maneuver to save face or show tact. However, larger lies are harmful and can have devastating consequences. For example, swindler Bernie Madoff and FBI double agent Robert Hanssen caused real harm to ruinous effect. Con man Henry Oberlander...
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About the Speaker

Pamela Meyer is the founder and CEO of Calibrate, a lie detection training firm. She is the author of Liespotting.

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