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Repair Communication Breakdowns, Negotiate Successfully, and Build Three Simple Steps

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I Hear You book summary
Resolve workplace conflicts by learning to understand different perspectives.


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Workplace communication breakdowns happen when a boss, subordinate, client or co-worker refuses to budge from his or her point of view. Coach and mediator Donny Ebenstein provides practical solutions for overcoming common workplace conflicts. He shows you how to identify with different perspectives even when you disagree with them. He covers dealing with an overbearing boss, dividing a workload more equally among team members, balancing work with your personal life, developing better client relationships, and more. On the plus – and minus – side, Ebenstein offers pages and pages of sample dialogues to illustrate how difficult situations can either escalate or achieve a solution. The examples are useful, but their repetition is tedious. Even so, he provides worthy advice about understanding another person’s viewpoint – the cornerstone of a more peaceful, productive workplace. getAbstract recommends his methods to supervisors, subordinates and colleagues who are struggling to understand each other.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to address and solve communication breakdowns,
  • How to see and understand different perspectives, and
  • How role-playing helps resolve conflict.


At a Loss for Words
Many people know what they want to say, but become frustrated when they feel the person with whom they’re talking doesn't seem to hear them. When you’re stuck, the instinctive response is to “give up trying to make it better.” Frustrated people tend to get angry, disengage...
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About the Author

Donny Ebenstein is an international coach and mediator in the private and public sectors who specializes in conflict resolution in the Middle East.

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    Sheila Forde 1 year ago
    Good tips for anyone customer facing and particularly in a customer service role
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    Ronald Ealey 3 years ago

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