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Influencing book summary
How to be influential: Start with confidence. Mix in knowledge, understanding and strong communication skills. Add power.


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Everyone wants to be influential, but how do you gain power you can wield? How do you get a group’s attention when you need it? More importantly, what primary skills do you need to be taken seriously when you want to sway the actions of another person, a team or an organization? Fiona Elsa Dent and Mike Brent answer these questions and more in this straightforward book. They balance practical information with pertinent academic research as they show you how to gain influence and explain why their strategy works. Their book provides a solid framework for learning and using persuasive skills in business and social settings. It includes tests and exercises to help you get the most from each chapter. getAbstract recommends this strategic book to readers who want to influence others.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to build and use the skills you need to become influential;
  • What “appreciative inquiry” is and how to employ it;
  • How to use language to become more influential; and
  • How to refute eight misconceptions about influence.


Crucial Skills
Managers need two skills to do their jobs and to train other people. First, they must be strong communicators and, second, they have to know how to influence other people. Influence is the ability to change another person’s beliefs or behaviors. It is not the same as manipulation...
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About the Authors

Fiona Elsa Dent, director of Executive Education at Ashridge Business School in the U.K., writes about self-managed development, influencing skills and the use of psychometric instruments in management development. Mike Brent, an Ashridge faculty member with experience at many international companies, writes about coaching and leadership.

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    DeLinda Daniels 4 years ago
    Good job
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    Dave Bartek 6 years ago
    ...also look at Influencing with Integrity by Genie Laborde.

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