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Intuition book summary
If your idea of getting in synch involves a Palm Pilot, you could probably use some exercises to build up the scrawny right half of your brain.


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There aren’t too many executives out there who would want to give up valuable time reading a book about getting in touch with the universal energy flow. But if you’re willing to navigate the chakra points of Intuition , you just might pick up some hands-on exercises that can help you relax, manage stress and think creatively. These are hard skills that are fast becoming critical requirements in the new, dynamic economy, and in order to develop them, you might have to look in some new places for help. That’s not to say that many professionals won’t be left rolling their eyes at some of the more alternative of the many alternative notions advanced in this book. Nevertheless, getabstract recommends Intuition to harried executives looking for some advice on keeping it together in a demanding and fast-changing world.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How you can develop intuition through practice;
  • Why your decision-making process relies heavily on intuition; and
  • How you can align yourself with the universal flow of energy.


Evolution and Intuition
A realm of thought exists outside of logical thinking. Some people call it psychic ability, the sixth sense, or uncommon sense. You probably use its simpler name, intuition. Intuition is an inner awareness and a sense of knowing. Everyone inherently possesses this...
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About the Author

Patricia Einstein is an intuitive counselor, teacher and consultant. She teaches "Intuitive Path" workshops and co-founded the Voyage conferences-at-sea.

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