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Celebrate Getting Over the Big One and Changing Your Life - for Good!

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It's a Breakup Not a Breakdown book summary
Your heart’s been broken but now you can pick up the pieces, glue them back together and become stronger and healthier.


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If you tend to endure a breakup holed up in your room in comfy PJs, then getAbstract recommends that you place this survival guide next to your chick flick DVDs, high-priced chocolates and box of tissues. This girl-power book by Lisa Steadman, nicknamed “The Relationship Journalist,” reads like a long “You go, girl!” exclamation. Steadman explains that you can use the “big breakup” experience to become more fabulous than before you met Mr. Wrong. All it takes is a little fortitude and a lot of self-focused behavior. If you want to indulge in a cryfest, a new pair of boots or a bit of spoiling by mom, Steadman says, “Do it!” The goal, however, is to emerge from your breakup with a better understanding of what you need and want and how to make it happen. Use your breakup as a vehicle to learn about yourself and embrace your single status as an opportunity to make valuable changes. One gentle caution: Steadman’s basic intent is to offer a good laugh, some female bonding and a warm hug, not a serious, therapeutic method of overcoming a trauma.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to survive a “big breakup”;
  • How to redirect your focus from your past relationship onto yourself; and
  • How to emerge from your failed relationship stronger, more confident and better than ever.


The “Big Breakup”
You can learn valuable lessons about yourself from every breakup. Regardless of whether you initiated the split or had your heart handed back to you, the fact is that the relationship was no longer working. Breakups are painful and big breakups hurt most of all. However...
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About the Author

Lisa Steadman is founder of a Web site forum for those suffering from the demise of a relationship. She has been a guest on several radio and television talk shows.

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