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Navigate Your Career Without Leaving Your Organization

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Make It Work book summary
Don't quit your job; transform it. Work you love may be waiting for you "right in your own backyard."


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If you’re frustrated with your career or if you’ve been hopping from company to company looking for the perfect job, this book is a must-read. Most jobs, authors Joe Frodsham and Bill Gargiulo believe - perhaps overoptimistically - already offer the possibility of satisfying work. Frodsham and Gargiulo provide a step-by-step guide to finding the things you truly love to do - your "passions." Once you understand these deep personal needs, then you can retool your job to meet them. The authors caution against switching organizations except as a last resort. recommends this book to perennial job-seekers. If you absorb its information and do the internal work it advises, perhaps you, too, can attain "career wealth" right where you are. Hint: "career wealth" is not the same thing as earning a lot of money, just a lot of satisfaction.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why 16 popular myths about career success are untrue;
  • How you can replace these myths with career-building truths;
  • How to discover your passionate core; and
  • How to "navigate your career" in six steps.


It’s Not Your Workplace, It’s You
Many people think they are not satisfied in their careers because they haven’t found the "right" place to work. Actually, the secret to career satisfaction, or "career wealth," is to discover what you love doing and to do it at your...
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About the Authors

Joe Frodsham is corporate director of leadership and professional development at a major American corporation, where Bill Gargiulo is global director of talent management and organizational effectiveness.

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