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This first-rate study of the workings of the brain is required reading for anyone interested in how advertisers influence consumers, how mental exercise can improve both mental and physical performance or how parents can stimulate mental activity in their young children. That probably doesn’t leave out many curious readers. Starting with a basic explanation of how the brain initially forms, Ian H. Robertson logically proceeds into his explanation of mind sculpting, which is nothing less than the process through which the mind is continuously evolving. His treatment of the staggeringly complex topic is surprisingly accessible, enabling you to make the intuitive leaps from biological detail to the practical manifestations of these phenomena without handholding. In short, getAbstract strongly recommends that you read this book.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why the brain is a work in progress and is not hard-wired;
  • Why advertisers create campaigns that appeal to the emotional responses of their customers’ brains; and
  • How the effects of some brain dysfunctions, such as dyslexia or ADD, can be reduced.

About the Author

Ian H. Robertson, one of the world’s leading researchers in brain rehabilitation, has published many scholarly books and scientific papers on the subject. A former scientist at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, he teaches psychology at Trinity College, Dublin, and at University College, London.



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