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People try to multitask to accomplish the many jobs that confront them every day. But multitasking just doesn’t work. In fact, it adds to the time it takes to complete complex tasks. You will do much better if you handle tasks sequentially, one-by-one, and not simultaneously – which is actually impossible. Multitasking is symptomatic of larger societal problems, including alienation, the devaluation of human experience and meaningless relationships according to Devora Zack, a consultant and practitioner of neurolinguistic programming. She explodes the “multitasking myth” and offers a practical alternative – “singletasking” – focusing on one chore at a time – as the way to work and live with greater efficiency and production. Zack lives the sort of frenetic life that seems to demand multitasking, but instead she singletasks successfully. If you are trying to do too much, all at once, getAbstract recommends her fresh alternative to multitasking.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How multitasking dominates work and social interaction,
  • Why multitasking doesn’t work, and
  • How “singletasking” can change your life.

About the Author

The President of Only Connect Consulting, Devora Zack is a member of the visiting faculty for Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.



Multitasking Scenarios
Multitasking scenario number one: Your most important client is on the speakerphone. You lean back in your chair, your eyes intent on your computer screen. As she talks to you about her business, you see an instant message roll across your computer screen. Some co...

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    joy wang 1 year ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries Although there are people seems good at multitasking, I still find it most efficient for myself to be singletasking.
  • Avatar
    Mark O'Brien 1 year ago
    I may have to buy this book. I have never been very good at multitasking.
  • Avatar
    Wim Annerel 1 year ago
    So true! Some people mistakenly believe that young people who grew up in the age of high-tech are natural multitaskers. However, the brains of young people are similar to the brains of older people and they face the same limitations when it comes to multitasking. No one, young or old, is a natural multitasker; multitasking is simply not a human capability!
  • Avatar
    Agustin Esquivel 2 years ago
    good stuff
  • Avatar
    Darren Godden 3 years ago
    This resonates well with some of the core principles of Kanban and managing the amount of work in progress. I have shared this with my team.

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