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That’s Outside My Boat book summary


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What do Olympic rowers, a radio host, a TV producer, three NFL players, a sailboat skipper, an explorer, a sports columnist and a golf-course architect all have in common? They operate according to the same principle: Don’t worry about “what you can’t control”; focus only on “what you can control.” Like the rowers, winning people ignore what’s “outside their boat” and pay attention only to what’s “inside their boat.” Charlie Jones and Kim Doren offer an anthology of 55 vignettes written by a cross-section of people who put this practical philosophy to work with great success. Most of the tales are compelling and meaningful, making the collection a warm, worthwhile and enjoyable read. getAbstract recommends these inspiring stories to readers who are ready to embrace a single idea: Focus on what’s in your own boat, and row.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to apply the “what’s outside my boat” philosophy; and
  • How Olympic rowers, professional athletes, CEOs and other people apply this philosophy to achieve success and happiness.

About the Authors

Charlie Jones, a network sportscaster, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sportswoman Kim Doren has worked as a marketing director and media consultant.



Don’t Worry About the Wind
In 1987, the rowing World Championships took place offshore near Copenhagen, a difficult rowing venue because of its notoriously heavy winds. A line of tall trees protects the rowers in lane one from the usual gale, but wide-open lane six takes the brunt of ...

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  • Avatar
    Patrick Brigger 2 years ago
    Interesting read
  • Avatar
    Duncan Parkes 3 years ago
    I enjoyed the title but the rest of the summary didn't particularly support or add to it.
  • Avatar
    Alicia Gardner 3 years ago
    Very insightful...something we need to be reminded of regularly.
  • Avatar
    Sullentrup Donna Jean 3 years ago
    Enjoyed the summary. Common sense application.
  • Avatar
    Stuart Taylor 3 years ago
    I really like this philosopy
  • Avatar
    Wim Kloek 3 years ago
    It feels very much like Covey to me and it does appeal to common sense.
    The selection of some success stories is far from a proper justification of the conclusions and advices.
    [My score concerns the book as shown through the summary. It does not concern the quality of the summary (as obviously I have not read the book).]
  • Avatar
    Nick Brown 3 years ago
    Great story about rowers and how to apply their insight to your own personal life. A+
  • Avatar
    Sheila Forde 3 years ago
    OK - so I train sales people and I think this is a great mind-set to get into if you are in sales.
    I often say we can only do what we can do - and taking care of what is inside your boat is exactly that. We cannot control the competition but we can be the best in what we do and do the best job we can for our customers. It is a good lesson in life to stop worrying about what is outside your boat and use that energy to concentrate on making the best of what is inside your boat, and sometimes that frees you up to succeed more that you expect.

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