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The 5 Choices book summary
The “5 Choices” time-management model helps you get more done in less time.


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In today’s technology-driven, hyper-connected world, more demands than ever compete for your attention. While many time-management books focus on the underlying causes of this problem, a trio of authors from the FranklinCovey consulting group – Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill and Leena Rinne – presents a solution, the detailed “Time Matrix model,” which you can use as a framework for organizing your time. The authors identify five areas in which your choices can help you set meaningful goals and priorities that will hold your focus. Their reliance on copyrighted buzzwords and terms feels somewhat contrived, but their time-management model is well researched and extremely useful. getAbstract recommends this pragmatic approach to anyone facing to-do list anxiety.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the “Time Matrix model” works,
  • How to make “5 Choices” that will help you allocate your time productively and
  • How to use the five choices time-management system.


Feeling Overwhelmed?
The pressure of trying to get everything done can be stressful and debilitating. The relentless flow of incoming tasks, meetings, duties and responsibilities – coupled with your never-ending to-do list – may threaten your welfare. Technology now enables you to accomplish...
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About the Authors

Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill and Leena Rinne have senior roles at FranklinCovey, a global consulting firm specializing in time-management and leadership training.

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    Chong-Woo Park 5 months ago
    The presented points are convincing and give a good guideline of principles that can be applied in my daily life. Thus, I will try to apply the time matrix model as much as possible. #30DaysOfSummaries
  • Avatar
    DINESH HS 5 months ago
    Some good insights .I feel that regularly reviewing all( Q1 ,Q3,Q4 )activities to see for patterns and find ways to keep reducing Q1 activities by moving them to Q2 ... will bring greater ongoing leverage of time ....
  • Avatar
    Jie Wang 5 months ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries It's a good guideline for people facing time pressure from tasks.
  • Avatar
    Jie Wang 5 months ago
    Very good theory. And it would be great if the readers can carry it out properly.
  • Avatar
    Ashish Agarwal 5 months ago
    It would be good to know what percentage of workforce really has these 5 choices and what is the role of your manager in making these for you or allowing you to do so for yourself.
  • Avatar
    Fujikawa Masanari 1 year ago
    Good advise!
  • Avatar
    Debbie Gonzalez 2 years ago
    PCD Pause, Clarify, Decide - great advice.
  • Avatar
    Anderson Sarah R 2 years ago
    The four quadrant method seems to be a very logical way to better choose which tasks to devote time to. There are so many constant interruptions each day that having a good planning strategy for what is the have to, the need to, and the like to is very helpful.

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