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Simple Strategies to Help You Negotiate Everything

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The Negotiation Fieldbook book summary
The more you plan before a negotiation (including planning what to do if it fails), the better the negotiation will be.


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The objective of this guidebook is to teach you how to negotiate. Many books about negotiation are available and they offer many different kinds of advice. This guide takes a slightly different approach. It begins by emphasizing advance preparation. Author Grande Lum contends that the best way to approach a negotiation is to think about ways to help your counterparty reach his or her objectives. That said, the author also admits that many counterparties will be difficult, and may have irrational or emotional needs that make the negotiation more challenging than it needs to be. finds that this book offers sound advice for dealing with a range of negotiation scenarios. Neophyte negotiators will benefit from reading it, and even "old-dog" negotiators may learn a new trick or two.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to negotiate; and
  • How to prepare for negotiations.


Win-Win Negotiations
Everyone has to negotiate sooner or later. The objective of any negotiation ought to be a win-win - that is, a negotiation where all the involved parties walk away satisfied. You may or may not get everything you want, but do not think of negotiating as a zero-sum ...
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About the Author

Grande Lum is founder and manager of the negotiation consultancy Accordence.

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