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The Surprising Science of Happiness summary
Happiness doesn’t hinge on getting what you want.


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Psychologist Dan Gilbert offers scientific proof that happiness can come from within – though from the brain, not the heart. getAbstract suggests his energetic lecture to those worrying about their careers, goals and other choices. As Gilbert assures, you can be content with any outcome, desired or not, because of your ability to synthesize happiness.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why happiness doesn’t demand getting what you want,
  • Why people misjudge the pleasure they’ll gain or lose from future events, and
  • How your “psychological immune system” ensures your contentment.


In two million years, the human brain has nearly tripled in size, gaining a prefrontal cortex. With this development came the unique ability to simulate experiences before they occur. As an experiment, run ...
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About the Speaker

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert is the author of Stumbling on Happiness.

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