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What to Do When There's Too Much to Do book summary


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Productivity expert Laura Stack offers simple, innovative ways to help you enjoy a more productive and meaningful workday. She shows you how to prioritize your workload and create realistic daily, weekly and yearly work schedules by decluttering your files and inbox, identifying what’s really important, streamlining your workload and making more effective decisions. Some of her suggestions pertaining to health and exercise are extremely helpful, but can be found in other advice manuals. Nevertheless, most of her organizational ideas are novel and worth implementing. getAbstract recommends Stack’s realistic suggestions to everyone seeking to simplify a hectic schedule.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to be more efficient and reduce your workload,
  • How to deal with those who waste your time and
  • How to bring your best self to all you do.

About the Author

Laura Stack, head of The Productivity Pro, is a keynote speaker and author of Leave the Office Earlier, Find More Time, and three other books.



“The Case for Reduction”
More is not better. You can be successful even if you do less. Studies show that a “60-hour work week results, on average, in a 25% decrease in productivity.” To channel your energy more efficiently, use the six-step “Productivity Workflow Formula”:


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    Christa White 5 months ago
    Interesting that Ms. Stack recommends we address email as it is received when most time management gurus teach you to tackle it at certain times of the day.
  • Avatar
    Ben Reagan 5 months ago
    I understand "looking out for number one" but the apparent aversion to helping teammates ("never give a reason" ??) can't work out as intended in all environments and just plain doesn't feel right. The criticisms of multi-tasking are spot-on, though, and despite the need for it almost every day the best work is often done when fighting against it. Good overall summary.
  • Avatar
    Nicole Oliver 6 months ago
    Nice summary.
  • Avatar
    Roberts Linda Kaye 8 months ago
    I am a self confessed compulsive multi-tasker. I found the information practical and something I can incorporate into my day. Intend to pick a suggestion, start small.
  • Avatar
    Hasan Mansur 2 years ago
    Very good and useful methods and advices. I regularly use some of these but something is new for me and I will be focused on all of them to be more effective. Thanks
  • Avatar
    Jill Brown 2 years ago
    For the most part, this was a great summary. I was shocked to see one of the view points was "Don't multitask." I have always heard you have to be able to multitask. In fact, most jobs seek those who can multitask. From the summary, I can see how jumping from one thing to another and back again could be a huge waste of time. The ideas of being active and bringing joy to your life are worth implementing, but in my opinion, the type work you do will greatly influence these.
  • Avatar
    Lucinda Ham 2 years ago
    Good advice!
  • Avatar
    Agustin Esquivel 2 years ago
    Love the close the loop section, although in my industry its very hard to cut out some of this stuff. Micromanaging is a thing and its remedy is probably time. Multi-tasking is kind of the name of the game in service based movements.
  • Avatar
    Janet Dornan 3 years ago
    Interesting and helpful. Have heard some of the pointers before, but some new ideas to try.
  • Avatar
    Serghei GAINA 3 years ago
    Interesting reminds...
  • Avatar
    Diane McMillan 3 years ago
    Some good pointers. Some suggestions within the article have been around for years, but we all need to be remindered.....
  • Avatar
    Ann Baker 3 years ago
    Very helpful information
  • Avatar
    Neil Mentz 6 years ago
    Not the best primer I've read...on any topic covered.
  • Avatar
    Allie Gentry 6 years ago
    Gave me some good insight.

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