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You Can Do Anything book summary
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8 Overall

9 Applicability

8 Innovation

7 Style


Pulitzer Prize–winning author George Anders believes people who infuse “a humanist’s grace” into “technical disciplines” meet the employment needs of contemporary society. He explains that liberal arts graduates can blend their skills, training and “explorer’s spirit” to land innovative, satisfying jobs in varied fields. Most of his examples focus on recent grads, but his approach is transferrable to those who are ready for a career change. Anders offers valuable tips to help liberal arts majors envision their career possibilities and realize the long-term value of creative positioning. getAbstract recommends Anders’s guidance to recent grads and midcareer alumni ready to market their skills in fresh ways.

In this book, you will learn

  • How work in various professional fields calls on the skills taught in liberal arts institutions,
  • How to position yourself as a strong candidate and employee, and
  • What resources and approaches can help liberal arts grads land the job they want.

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