Career Rehab
A review of

Career Rehab

Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work

Tough, Workable Advice

by David Meyer

Professional coach Kanika Tolver guides you in diagnosing your career dissatisfactions and offers hard-headed advice about how to launch a new path.

Contagiously enthusiastic

Professional coach Kanika Tolver is the CEO and founder of Care Rehab, LLC, which helps students, professional and retirees transform their careers. Her profound belief in social commitment and helping people lead “epic lives” led her to offer this program to anyone who suffers from “Career SAD” (stress, anxiety and depression at work) and wants to change course for the better. Her suggestions are not particularly groundbreaking, but Tolver’s passion and joy make them contagiously enthusiastic. And her ideas are, in fact, quite practicable and actionable, which sets her career self-help apart from most.

If you’re seeking contemporary career guidance that reflects a mindfulness about today’s workplace dynamics, parallel books that might help you include Traction by Gino Wickham and You Were Born For This by James Nestor.

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