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Cause for Concern?

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Cause for Concern?

The Top 10 Risks to the Global Economy


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A robust global economy faces some grave risks in 2018.

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A strong global economy masks a multitude of risks that could raise turmoil in various arenas. Tightening labor markets in the euro area, higher commodity prices and greater Chinese consumption all bode well for worldwide economic growth, but a tectonic shift in the global power structure could expose the vulnerabilities of political systems. This sobering assessment from the Economist Intelligence Unit may give readers pause, but its clear-eyed analysis offers some important warnings. getAbstract recommends it to leaders in business and government.


The global economy is in robust health, and its forward motion looks solid, with growth projections of 3% for 2018. Yet these rosy prospects belie the seriousness of the risks arising from protectionist bombast, terrorism, territorial clashes, rising cybercrime and the threat of nuclear war. While the United States turns inward, a new world order is taking shape, and the scramble for power and influence among global and regional actors creates uncertainty. The United States, the European Union and China are the principal but not the only sources of the 10 global risks bearing the most significant impacts: 

  1. “Prolonged fall in major stock markets destabilizes the global...

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The Economist Intelligence Unit is an independent research and analysis organization.

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