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Cause for Concern

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Cause for Concern

Results-Oriented Cause Marketing

Thomson South-Western,

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Philanthropy is not for corporations. All charitable giving should serve a business purpose.

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Stephen M. Adler explains how corporations can pair with charitable causes to enhance their visibility, goodwill and sales in this brief, straightforward book that includes illuminating case studies. Adler is realistic about the purposes of corporate philanthropy. He argues that it should always make business sense. He shows that nonprofits also are thinking of survival and growth: They use their causes to drive contributions and keep themselves in business. getAbstract recommends this book to marketers who want an overview of how corporations and charities can work together – for their mutual benefit and for that of society.


CRM is not Philanthropy

By working with a charitable organization that your customers support, your organization can use cause-related marketing (CRM) to strengthen its relationships with those customers. CRM is becoming increasingly popular. In 2001, CRM spending in the U.S. and Canada rose 5% to reach $733 million, even though companies were reducing their marketing budgets at the time. CRM is not the same as outright charitable giving or philanthropy. CRM has a marketing objective. You should promote your CRM campaigns and be able to measure the results. While performing a beneficial social service, CRM also accomplishes these business goals:

  • “Image” – When choosing between two similar products, customers prefer the one they associate with a favorite cause. They prefer to do business with companies that share their values, and they feel emotionally fulfilled when they believe they have accomplished a charitable goal with their purchase. When your customers feel emotionally fulfilled, they trust you. They will switch to your brands and even pay more for them if they feel they are supporting a favorite cause.
  • “Community support” – Becoming...

About the Author

Stephen M. Adler has designed many cause-related marketing programs for corporations, including several Fortune 1000 companies.

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