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Centered Leadership Creates Connection in Turbulent Times

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Centered Leadership Creates Connection in Turbulent Times

The McKinsey Podcast


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Note to women leaders: When faced with uncertainty, challenge yourself to be just 5% braver.

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Joanna Barsh, a senior partner at the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, created the firm’s Centered Leadership Project and wrote three books on the subject. In this podcast with McKinsey alumna Diane Brady, she discusses how listeners can use the lessons of successful female leaders to find purpose and positivity in challenging times. Barsh interviews women leaders to discover what they have in common and to show how their approach to business helps them find meaning in their work.


Invite diversity into your workplace.

Many workers and executives – men and women – are now calling for taking a humanistic approach to work to replace the traditional, hierarchical, command-and-control business model. COVID-19 changed how the world does business. The Centered Leadership strategy calls on workers and executives to develop a more broadminded perspective in order to cope with the new complexity the pandemic wrought.

For example, expand your possibilities when you hire someone new. When filling a position, managers often hire people who look and think either like themselves or like their previous employees. Instead, when you are hiring, try to diversify and explore new opportunities...

About the Podcast

Joanna Barsh, director emerita at McKinsey & Company and founder of its Centered Leadership program, wrote Centered Leadership, How Remarkable Women Lead and Grow Wherever You Work. In this McKinsey Podcast, Barsh discusses how you can become an effective and engaged leader with host Diane Brady, former senior editor at McKinsey’s New York Office.

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