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CFO Quarterly Global Outlook Survey

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CFO Quarterly Global Outlook Survey

August 2013

Financial Executives Research Foundation,

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How do CFOs, the second-most important executives at most corporations, perceive the current business climate?

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Chief financial officers (CFOs) stand at the crux of strategy and profits. As the second-most powerful – and arguably the best informed – executives at many organizations, their opinions provide rich insights into the mood of the economy. Financial Executives International and Baruch College publish a quarterly survey of CFOs that monitors trends in corporate finance. getAbstract recommends their August 2013 installment which, though statistics-heavy, offers a digestible breakdown of CFOs’ attitudes and current market sentiment.


An August 2013 poll of 226 chief financial officers (CFOs) throughout the US found that most have a positive outlook regarding future economic trends, hiring and wage increases in the near future. During the last quarter, CFOs’ confidence in their own businesses rose from 67.1% to 70.7%. Some 48.7% of respondents think the US economy is already in recovery, while a further 27.3% expect a recovery to start in 2014. CFOs predict that, over the next 12 months, their firms’ net earnings will grow by 10.8% and revenue will rise by 8.2% on average. They expect to increase capital...

About the Authors

The Financial Executives International provides independent research for the financial management profession. Baruch College is part of the City University of New York.

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