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Chief of Anything

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Chief of Anything

(Why) Wherefore relaxed-productive leadership makes a better world

Michael Portz, Christian Kohlhof,

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What's inside?

Michael Portz and Christian Kohlhof offer leadership lessons from their Chief of Anything podcast.

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Successful entrepreneurs Michael Portz and Christian Kohlhof present their big book on leadership in the unusual form of a 532-page running dialogue, a computer-generated, German-to-English translation of transcripts of their Chief of Anything podcast. The authors discuss leading yourself – at length, leading others, leading teams and leading organizations. Drawing from the curriculum of their “Chief of the Year” leadership course, they banter about the basics. However, due to its audio origins, the material isn’t edited or organized for print. The book offers a few good leadership and self-actualization nuggets from experts in the field, but the authors’ long-time podcast listeners will be the book’s biggest fans.


Ask, “How have I led my life?” 

“How have you led your life?” is an essential question. After that, ask “How do I lead myself?” To answer these two vital questions, you must determine who you are, how you operate and what makes you special.

When you’re able to answer these questions, you’ll also be ready to adjust your behavior to manage any situation successfully. Once you gain this crucial flexibility, you can make a continual positive impact on other people as a leader. This will be true no matter what your position may be: entrepreneur, partner, parent or boss.

Happiness comes down to a crucial nugget of self-knowledge: Everything good that will happen to you begins with the person you are. For many, achieving this degree of self-knowledge can be “mind-blowing.”

The stories you tell yourself about yourself reflect who you are.

The stories you tell yourself about yourself and the not-always-good stories others tell you about you can affect who you think you are or who you think you can be.

For example, when author Christian Kohlhof was a boy, ...

About the Authors

Christian Kohlhof and Michael Portz create and perform the “Chief of Anything” podcast and co-founded the CoA Academy. 

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