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China’s War on Taiwan Won’t Start in Taiwan

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China’s War on Taiwan Won’t Start in Taiwan


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China can bring Taiwan into its fold without launching a full-blown invasion.

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Beijing harbors a perennial desire to “reunify” with China-claimed Taiwan. With the United States distracted by internal politics, and the world struggling to cope with the fallout of COVID-19, Chinese president Xi Jinping may sense a window of opportunity to make a move. However, don’t expect China to launch a full-blown invasion. China has several tactics at its disposal to tighten its grip on Taiwan. Learn what they are – and what risks they entail – in this informative analysis from Geopolitical Futures.


Several factors may prompt China to close in on Taiwan.

Taiwan is unfinished business for Chinese President Xi Jinping – and a constellation of factors are increasing the urgency for Xi to make some kind of military move on the island. Internally, promoting Taiwan’s reunification is a way of stoking nationalist sentiments and support for the Chinese Communist Party, whose image has taken a hit due to economic woes and fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Too, China’s crackdown in Hong Kong makes it highly unlikely that Taiwan will agree, voluntarily, to peaceful reunification based on a “one country, two systems” model. Finally, with the United States caught up with its own internal political struggles, Xi may seize this window...

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Phillip Orchard is an analyst at Geopolitical Futures, a digital publication which analyzes and forecasts the direction of global events. 

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