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Clicking Through

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Clicking Through

A Survival Guide for Bringing Your Company Online

Bloomberg Press,

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Making the cyber-transition isn't child's play — how to dodge the jargon, conquer the consultants, establish internal policies, and survive the process of taking your company on line.

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Are you sick of the condescending tone of most Internet instruction books? Well, Jonathan Ezor has written the book for you. It focuses specifically on managing the risks involved in bringing your company online. Ezor uses Internet jargon, but he defines terms quickly and clearly. He doesn’t sugarcoat the risks of the journey into cyberspace. Despite the risks, he shows that the effort is worthwhile because of the Internet’s incredible potential for your company. recommends this book to those who are bringing their companies online, and to those considering this step.


E-commerce Advantages

Businesses use Web sites for a variety of advertising. A Web site allows you to provide detailed promotional information, including print or broadcast ads, or online contests. The major difference between traditional media and the Internet is interactivity. Customers can respond immediately to your Web ad through e-mail or on your chat area. Interactive databases tell customers if the item they want is in stock at the store nearest them. This saves your company money in telemarketing and customer support.

Establishing Ownership

You can create your own basic Web site. Programs are available that don’t require knowledge of programming language. But, due to heavy competition, many businesses contract out the building of their Web sites. That makes the issue of ownership important. Put everything in writing. Establish your ownership of the creative materials and the software that make up your Web site. However, you don’t necessarily need full control of your site. Some developers charge up to ten times more to transfer rights than they do to grant a license. Break your site down into its individual elements to identify the rights your company...

About the Author

Jonathan Ezor is the Director of Legal Affairs for, which produces business documents through the Internet. He is a noted expert on computer and Internet business, and has been involved in the area since the beginning of the commercial Internet. He has been interviewed about the Internet and business by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, FOX Business News, Newsday, and the Long Island Business News. He is a graduate of Yale Law School.

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