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Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

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Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

The Secret to Developing the Star Potential of Your Employees


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Coaching your employees to help them fulfill their potential is one of the greatest parts of leadership.

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Author Bob Wall's expertise in coaching employees to develop their "emotional" attributes is especially helpful for managers who need a plan for improving their relationships with their subordinates. The book offers useful worksheets and forms, and is loaded with practical workplace examples for mentoring your employees to help them build stronger emotional aptitude on the job. getAbstract recommends this book to those who want to improve their mentoring skills and the quality of the guidance they are able to offer their subordinates.


The "Emotional" Dimension

Coaches often shy away from mentoring about "emotional" competencies. But often these skills make the difference between a merely competent manager and a truly effective one. A great deal can be accomplished with a heightened awareness of “emotional intelligence or EQ.”

Even when experts promoted IQ tests as a method for measuring the ability of workers or students, they acknowledged that the competencies being assessed were only a part of what contributed to someone’s personal and professional success. The five components of “emotional intelligence” are:

  • "Self-awareness and self-control" – Understanding your core beliefs and values, evaluating how your feelings influence your actions, and responding appropriately in emotional situations.
  • "Empathy" – The ability to appreciate the circumstances and viewpoints of others, and to understand their needs and feelings.
  • "Social expertness" – Creating positive relationships with people by projecting optimism and openness.
  • "Personal influence" – Establishing credibility and accountability that allows...

About the Author

Bob Wall has been an executive coach for nearly 30 years. He has developed evaluation standards for leaders and groups, as well as workshops and training courses on leadership skills. He is the co-author of The Mission-Driven Organization.

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