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Why Body Language Holds The Key to Virtual Reality

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It’s just a matter of time – and research – before digital avatars become indistinguishable from humans.


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Imagine a world where your digital avatar copies your body language and movements so convincingly that your friends, thousands of miles away, feel as though you are physically present with them. Ben Popper, contributing writer for The Verge, reveals the future possibilities for digital avatars in virtual reality (VR). Popper’s interviews with key players glean rich insights into the future possibilities of VR in terms of communication, social interaction and collaboration. getAbstract recommends this article to anyone interested in the rising field of virtual reality.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the current challenges are in creating realistic body language and motion for user avatars in virtual reality (VR),
  • How the key players in VR approach these challenges.


Deep underground, four floors below the surface of Carnegie Mellon University, sits a large, white dome made up of hexagonal panels. At the center of each panel sits a small black dot – a camera lens – to record your movements. This place has a name: Panoptic Studio. Its original purpose was to study...
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About the Author

Ben Popper is a regular contributor to The Verge and an aspiring drone pilot.

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