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A Transforming Vision of Human Intelligence

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Future Bright book summary
How smart are you? How do you know? And can you get smarter?


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In this methodical discussion, Professor Michael E. Martinez defines intelligence, reviews how humans have codified and studied it through history, and explains its theoretical and biological foundations. He addresses the mechanical – like how synapses work – and the hypothetical, such as the nature of nonhuman and artificial intelligences. He even explains how to increase your intelligence. The subject requires Martinez to make fine distinctions and discuss scholarly articles, so readers may find the result slow going. That caveat aside, getAbstract recommends his insights as food for thought for readers interested in human intelligence, education, testing and societal trends.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How theories define and explain intelligence,
  • Where intelligence originates, and
  • How you can improve your intelligence.


The Meaning and Importance of Intelligence
Intelligence is key to 21st century success, and the market demand for it is only increasing. Computers excel at routine functions, but the “human intellect” solves problems. Your mind excels at integrating and applying large masses of information...
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About the Author

Michael E. Martinez is the former vice chair of the Department of Education at the University of California, Irvine. He specialized in enhancing intelligence and improving education.

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