Review of Genome

The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters

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Genome book summary
The 23 chromosomes of the human genome spark fascination, curiosity, reflection and discussion.


9 Overall

10 Importance

9 Innovation

9 Style


Best-selling author Max Ridley believes in the potential for good in having a greater knowledge of genetics. After a brief, clear introduction to basic concepts, including a sharp run-through of the genetic world’s working vocabulary, Ridley discusses each of a person’s 23 chromosomes as a chapter in this book of human characteristics. Each chromosome’s story line encompasses broad conversations about science, history, psychology, philosophy, biology, and much more. Ridley avoids jargon and writes for clarity and smooth, quick flow. He offers an understanding of what makes humans both so much alike and yet individually unique. Expect to be fascinated by his nuggets of fact and conjecture.

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About the Author

Matt Ridley, who holds his PhD in zoology from Oxford, is a former science journalist for The Economist and the founding chair of the International Center for Life. His books about science, genetics and human nature include the bestsellers The Red Queen, The Rational Optimist and The Agile Gene.

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