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From Galileo to the Wright Brothers, mankind’s most significant scientific discoveries have come from thinkers who challenged the assumptions of the day, often earning the scorn - or worse - of their contemporaries. Esteemed futurist Willis Harman reminds us of this fact early and often in the second edition of Global Mind Change, which is enhanced by a foreword by acclaimed author, Hazel Henderson, but otherwise maintains the original’s insights and flaws. In terms of insight, Harman speaks eloquently about the changes in human perspective that accompanied - and he says ultimately caused - such radical shifts as the fall of the Roman Empire and the demise of slavery in the United States. He extends this analysis to modern scientific thought, which he identifies as a societal foundation currently in the first stages of a paradigm shift in which many concepts now viewed as "New Age" will gain acceptance. getAbstract recommends this book to any armchair futurist, but urges all readers to bear in mind one caveat: For every free thinker who upended science with brilliant insight, there have been untold thousands of quacks, madmen and charlatans.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the components of a global mind change are
  • Which four issues will test the global shift
  • How humankind views change

About the Author

Willis Harman (1918-1997) remains widely recognized as a practical visionary. He was the president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences until his death, and for 16 years was senior social scientist at SRI International, a global futuristic think-tank. He was also emeritus professor of Engineering-Economic Systems at Stanford University, and a member of the Board of Regents of the University of California. His books include An Incomplete Guide to the Future, Changing Images of Man, Higher Creativity, Paths to Peace, New Metaphysical Foundations of Science and Biology Revisited.



Changing the World
The power of a change of mind is far greater than any economic, military or political power, because when people change their images of reality, they automatically change the world.
The belief structure of western society is changing now, in one of the most astounding...

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