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Global Trends That Will Affect Us All summary
Four global “megatrends” will determine shifting global dynamics over the next decade.


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According to the US National Intelligence Council, four “megatrends” will shape global affairs through 2024. While no one can predict the future with accuracy, nations and organizations should prepare for these eventualities. Aspen Ideas Festival’s panel of experts – comprising specialists across the realms of business, politics and society – candidly discusses what these imminent shifts portend for the world. getAbstract recommends this authoritative, accessible – though loosely structured – conversation to futurists, politicians, multinational executives and global strategists.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which four “megatrends” are shaping global affairs and
  • What these factors portend for human development through 2024.


The US National Intelligence Council has identified four “megatrends” – “accelerated individual empowerment, diffused power among and within countries, novel and diverging demographic patterns, and growing natural resource demand” – that...
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About the Speakers

Joan Dempsey is an executive vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton. Zein Abdalla is a former president of PepsiCo. Nicholas Burns is a former American diplomat. Mitch Barns is CEO of Nielsen. Dalia Mogahed is director of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, which studies Muslim societies.

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