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How the US Workforce Is Changing summary
A panel of journalists discusses whether the millennial workforce is better or worse off than previous cohorts.


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This informative video barrages viewers with a long chain of figures and statistics, which reveal the crux of how the US workforce has shifted over the past several years. Journalists Michael Moynihan, Adam Davidson, Megan McArdle and Jamelle Bouie examine and discuss some major trends that have struck the US workforce. For the most part, it seems the US labor market is facing a period of doom and gloom. getAbstract recommends this discussion to millennials interested in understanding the phenomena that will determine their career prospects.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What trends have transpired in the US workforce in recent decades,
  • How the upheaval of the 2008 financial crisis affected the US labor market and
  • What millennials can expect from the current jobs market.


The American workforce is increasingly diverse: Women, Hispanics and Asian-Americans account for a greater share of the labor force than ever before, but the proportion of African-Americans has fallen in the past decade due to high joblessness among the black youth. In fact, work conditions are declining...
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About the Speakers

Michael Moynihan is cultural news editor for The Daily Beast. Adam Davidson co-hosts the Planet Money podcast. Megan McArdle is a columnist for Bloomberg View. Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer for Slate.

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