Summary of How to Outsmart the Machines

Machines Are Taking Over. So How Smart Do You Have to Be to Outsmart Them?

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How to Outsmart the Machines summary
Humans and machines are intelligent in different ways, but technology may cause people to neglect what makes them human.


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Umair Haque, author of an esteemed blog on trends in the business world, describes qualitative differences between machine intelligence and human intelligence. One excels in processing speed and the other in synthesizing meaning and purpose from information. He makes the case that machines today have a negative impact on the human capacity for drawing meaning and purpose from data. While Haque doesn’t offer solutions for the apparently worsening problem of machines undermining meaningful human intelligence, he does demonstrate how to have a healthier attitude toward human cognition. getAbstract recommends his analysis to everyone concerned about the effect of advancing computer intelligence on humans.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to classify human intelligence and machine intelligence,
  • Which type of intelligence you should cultivate, and
  • How machines rob people of the factors that make them human.


Intelligence falls into four categories: “smart smart, smart stupid, stupid smart, and stupid stupid.” How you think about intelligence determines your category, and that category may ascertain humanity’s collective fate. The qualitative way in which you view intelligence can determine how you compare...
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About the Author

Umair Haque is a member of Thinkers50 and wrote Betterness and The New Capitalist Manifesto.

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