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Necessary Lies summary
“Liar, liar, pants on fire” is an insult you could fling at anyone in any room – including yourself.


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In some cases, only the most socially inept will reach for honesty when a lie will do. People lie to spare another’s feelings or to make themselves appear smarter. Sometimes, they fib for no good reason at all. In this video, commentator Ian Leslie speaks about why people lie. If you believe that no good can come of telling tall tales, you may be surprised at the reams of evidence to the contrary. The subject matter, although interesting, is at times tough to follow because of Leslie’s fast speaking style. Nonetheless, this is a curious field of study, and getAbstract suggests that anyone interested in the nuances of human behavior give it a look.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why lying is natural human behavior and
  • How some forms of lies are beneficial to the fibber as well as to society.


Few people would admit to being proponents of lying, yet it’s an ingrained part of human behavior. People lie about how they are feeling, whether they enjoyed a meal and what they did at the weekend, for example. In fact, studies show that...
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About the Speaker

Ian Leslie is an author and blogger about politics and psychology.

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