Summary of Our Unhealthy Obsession with Choice

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Our Unhealthy Obsession with Choice  summary
Choices we make – or fail to make – define us, both as individuals and as a society.


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The ideology of choice remains popular within modern society, even among individuals who don’t have the capacity or resources to make choices. Yet however desirable choice is, it also manifests anxiety and paralysis. Social theorist Renata Salecl describes the influence that choice wields over individuals and society. getAbstract recommends her edifying lecture to marketers, social strategists and economists, as well as anxious individuals paralyzed by choice.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How individual choice distracts people from social issues,
  • Why choice frequently paralyzes people into inaction and
  • Why a framework of social improvement should guide choices.


Society extols the virtues and benefits of individual choice, freedom, self-determination and “endless progress.” However, this perspective begets anxiety; people worry about making the wrong...
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About the Speaker

Sociologist and philosopher Renata Salecl studies individuals’ and society’s choices.

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