Summary of The End of Plenty

The Race to Feed a Crowded World

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The End of Plenty book summary
Compelling report on agriculture and food security says 33% of food is trashed while hunger persists.


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National Geographic writer Joel K. Bourne Jr. presents a fascinating, albeit somber, overview of the current state of agriculture and food security. He reports that business and politics, as much as science, influence the planet’s ability to feed its burgeoning population adequately. Bourne has clear ethical positions; he is neither political nor polemical. He offers an in-depth examination of crucial agricultural challenges, demonstrating a finely honed balance between sweeping observations and instructive specific examples. Bourne makes agronomy and its pioneers, critics and attendant industries come alive. getAbstract recommends his insights to government leaders, NGO activists, academics, and anyone interested in the availability of food or water.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How agronomy increases food production,
  • How the green revolution brought both surplus food and hunger to the developing world, and
  • What actions can reduce world hunger.


Agronomy merges “soil and plant science” to further “row crop production.” Everything you eat stems from the discoveries and practices of agronomy. Cities exist because rural areas provide foodstuffs by conducting industrial farming on an immense scale. Agronomic advances since...
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About the Author

A writer for National Geographic, Joel K. Bourne Jr. holds a BS degree in agronomy and graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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    MetLife Global Operations Support Centre Jaipur 4 months ago
    Good insights.
    With the GM crops and ever growing population, sensible agriculture will be a focus area for future.
  • Avatar
    Azra Rizal AZRA.RIZAL@GMAIL.COM 6 months ago
    great summary, kills the fairytale spread by Mosanto and other antichrist organization like Bayers etc.
  • Avatar
    Victoria Littlefield 7 months ago
    there's no real news here - not worth spending the time on
  • Avatar
    YOUNG-GWAN KIM 8 months ago
    thanks for great summary

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