Review of The Evolution of Everything

How New Ideas Emerge

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The Evolution of Everything book summary
An entertaining examination of how human culture evolves: Everything happens without design.


9 Overall

10 Importance

8 Innovation

8 Style


Evolution is the slow, incremental change that occurs within a system without a plan, an authority or any intentional intervention. Matt Ridley, a best-selling author of popular books on economics, science and the environment, presents 16 brief, subject-specific chapters filled with stories about how every area of human experience evolves and does best without authoritative design or top-down management. The narrative supports libertarian ideals and often refers to free market values. A topic-specific, recommended reading list at the end of the book offers you sources in support of Ridley’s declarations. His narrative would be stronger with more acknowledgements of common counterarguments. Still, Ridley’s descriptive examples and wide-ranging references make his essays fun to read. While always politically neutral, getAbstract recommends Ridley’s viewpoint to entrepreneurs and managers seeking new approaches to best practices.

About the Author

Matt Ridley writes popular books on science, the environment and economics. A former chairman of Northern Rock, a UK bank, he is a member of the English House of Lords.