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The Industries of the Future book summary
A leading innovation expert explains what the future’s new industries will be and who might benefit.


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In this informative overview, technology policy guru Alec Ross paints quite a believable picture of the future of international business. A wise and experienced guide, Ross offers balanced reporting on technological developments – discussing their practical applications in commerce – and on the economic and human consequences of technological change. As he highlights these areas, he explains where business will find ripe opportunities. He cautions that, as always, progress will create losers as well as winners. Revolutions in computing ability and robotic devices will displace quite skilled (and newly outraged) people from their professions. These transformations will also disrupt those at the bottom of the labor market, the people who often bear the brunt of change. Besides the economic implications of progress, Ross highlights moral dilemmas that technologies – such as genome and big data – generate. getAbstract recommends this measured, thoughtful look into the future of businesses, economies and societies.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the most significant new industries of the coming decades will be,
  • How these new technologies will interact and generate opportunities, and
  • What economic and social implications these disruptions portend.


Big Data and the Internet of Things
Computing power is growing exponentially and becoming ever cheaper. Big data’s rate of growth continues to increase. Processing masses of data has become an increasingly viable option in business and science. More than 90% of the world’s digital data...
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About the Author

Alec Ross is a former senior adviser for innovation to the US Secretary of State, a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at John Hopkins University and an adviser to government leaders.

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