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We-Think book summary
With the Web’s collaborative nature, the question now is not, ‘What do you or I think?’ but ‘What do we all think?’


7 Overall

8 Applicability

6 Innovation

8 Style


Charles Leadbeater offers a breezy, pleasant discussion of the Internet’s possibilities for collaboration. Much of his commentary will seem familiar to those who know the area. However, his predictions of widespread social transformation give readers more meaty ideas to consider. While he clearly looks forward to many of these changes, he explains just how and when they don’t work, and why this powerful transformation in collaboration via the Internet hasn’t affected many pockets of society. His awareness of the Web’s limits lends weight to his discussion of its upside potential. The book’s clarity and style make it accessible to the casual observer, but getAbstract recommends it even more to those who already are somewhat grounded in this topic and who want to consider all aspects of the World Wide Web’s real future potential.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What “We-Think” is
  • How this broad opportunity for collaboration via the Internet is changing society
  • What principles govern We-Think


Web Connection Defines Today’s World
The Internet is transforming the world in good and bad ways. It opens access to information and the media, and allows people to network, despite geographic distance. Yet, the Web expands the chance that onlookers can monitor individual actions; it exposes...
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About the Author

Charles Leadbeater wrote for Financial Times for 10 years. He is also the author of Living on Thin Air and Up the Down Escalator.

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    Jeramiah Townsend 4 years ago
    One of the "take away" notes was that this will help "democratize" the world. Sadly the author has no idea how to use this term properly.

    But yes - the web is a way to really get people to connect in ways we never could before. Social networking is a prime example.
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    Guest 4 years ago
    Hi Jodi,
    You should see a small print icon located right above the PDF. If you use this print option, instead of the browser's you should be able to print it out correctly.

    Please also feel free to email us at if you have any further questions or there is anything else we can do for you.

    All the best,
    Laura- getAbstract
  • Avatar
    Jodi Cross 4 years ago
    Not sure if it is my browser but I can print this out in a format that is readible. I prints in a small box format.
  • Avatar
    Eve Broughton 4 years ago
    Im not sure how I feel about the summary. It reads more like a book review, Im unconvinced this is for me
    • Avatar
      Erica Rauzin 4 years ago
      If it reads like a review, it's possible you haven't seen the whole documents. Our short recommendation is a review, but everything else is summarized information, from the 10 take-aways to the rest of the text. If you didn't see 5 pages, you didn't see all that we offer. I hope you'll take another look. We thought this was a really nice abstract -- Thanks, Erica Rauzin, getAbstract, managing editor
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    Awu-Patricks Ulayi Patrick 4 years ago
    I can’t believe this, it is simply world class.
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    sumer rajvans 4 years ago
    nice thinking
  • Avatar
    Myra Rispress 4 years ago
    M rispress Febrary 15 2012
    Learning something every day
  • Avatar
    Jose Assumpcao 4 years ago
    Toooooo short.... How would you summarize a book as deep as balanced scorecard in too few lines?
  • Avatar
    Brooke Burnside 4 years ago
    im confused!
  • Avatar
    Mohamed Elwan 4 years ago
    think think & think
  • Avatar
    Max Breiteneicher 4 years ago
    the summary is good.
  • Avatar
    Fritz Dr. Weigang 4 years ago
    F. Weigang
    interesting summary
    consequence. Chance or evil,
    depends of user
  • Avatar
    Nov Duo 4 years ago
    • Avatar
      Kyra Smoots 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    John Smith 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Mian haqa 4 years ago
    This is a wonderful summary, well done dear
  • Avatar
    Benedict Gnaniah 4 years ago
    True individualism is vanishing and as human race we are progressing as we understand there is power in collaboration
  • Avatar
    Dr. gb pandipeddhi Gurumurti balakrishnan 4 years ago
    i completely agree with Leadbeater
  • Avatar
    Lawrence Montano 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Lawrence Montano 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    ELSIDDIG ELBAKHET 4 years ago
    Generally, I think , it is good
  • Avatar
    Bader Center 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Dr. gb pandipeddhi Gurumurti balakrishnan 5 years ago
    true. he is right in his perceptions. again it is true how many really correctly use the web for optimum benefits
  • Avatar
    Matt Udermann 5 years ago
    are the optimized for viewibg on android phones? or am i an idiot?
  • Avatar
    vidya tiwari 5 years ago
  • Avatar
    Kehinde AYANLEYE 5 years ago
    This ignites!
  • Avatar
    Stephen Gent 5 years ago
    thought provoking for me on a micro level - how to adapt its informality to a specific organisation
  • Avatar
    sasikanth ramakrishnan 5 years ago
  • Avatar
    Tim Hopkins 5 years ago
    not much new thinking here..
  • Avatar
    Gbolahan Williams 5 years ago
  • Avatar
    Akhilesh Shukla 5 years ago
    nice creation
  • Avatar
    Olney Perry 5 years ago
    The summary seems to be good. I thought the book itself was an elaboration of the obvious.
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    lourdes gualotuña 5 years ago
    Salu y seaguridad ocupacional de la OIT
  • Avatar
    lourdes gualotuña 5 years ago
    Enciclopedia de Salud y Seguridad de la OIT
  • Avatar
    Jewel Ainsworth Doxey 5 years ago
    Where is the download of The Greater Journey??
  • Avatar
    Sen Debasish 5 years ago
    Awesome...........i like it .
  • Avatar
    Noel Silva 5 years ago
    I Can't see the information on my Mac.
    • Avatar
      Erica Rauzin 5 years ago
      If you click on the pdf icon, it should download and open immediately on your Mac as it does on mine. You can save the pdf by clicking on the save icon (looks like a little floppy disk) in the upper left. You may need to make sure you have Adobe Reader or Acrobat, but getAbstract has always worked smoothly on my Mac (I'm a staffer - so write, Noel, if you still have a problem, and we'll help). E. Rauzin
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    Siddharth Issar 5 years ago
    Very precise reading
  • Avatar
    Jim Getten 5 years ago
    Everything works well. I download to my PC and use with my Kindle for PC that's free from Excellent idea!
  • Avatar
    Hiral Patel 6 years ago
    Can't download the books using the links above!
    • Avatar
      Mustapha Abdul 5 years ago
      Try listen now. You will hear the voice over of the abstract.

    • Avatar
      STEVE DAVIS 5 years ago

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