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When Algorithms Control the World summary
Did you make that choice…or did an equation make it for you?


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You may already be aware of how online industries use math to create models of consumer behavior, but the value of “When Algorithms Rule the World” lies in the specificity of the article’s examples. BBC technology reporter Jane Wakefield delivers an update that is also a warning: these algorithms are interwoven into everything consumers do, and users don’t know their long-term effects. getAbstract recommends this article to those engaged in online commerce, and those interested in the cultural implications of technology.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why many websites use algorithms to guide you through its pages,
  • What dangers that involves and
  • What areas of culture use algorithms.


For many years, the idea of computers taking over from human beings was a staple of science fiction. However, in science fiction, the takeover is highly dramatic, even violent. In reality, the shift in control is quiet, even unnoticed, and it has already happened. Computers are increasingly controlling...
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About the Author

Jane Wakefield is a technology reporter for the BBC.

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