Summary of Why Microsoft Is Betting Its Future on AI

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Why Microsoft Is Betting Its Future on AI summary
Do you imagine a world where a chatbot smoothly assists you with all your daily tasks? So does Microsoft.


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Casey Newton is the lead editor of all Silicon Valley-related topics at the tech website The Verge. His detailed and well-written article about Microsoft’s forefront position in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) teems with admiration. Newton outlines substantial evidence that Microsoft could produce the most productive AI chat system, which major tech companies can use in collaboration. His interviews with major Microsoft officials reveal insights into a quickly changing field, recent developments and credible projections. getAbstract recommends this article to anyone who would like to know what AI chat can do already and might do tomorrow.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Where – according to Microsoft – artificial intelligence (AI) is heading and
  • How Microsoft plans to spearhead AI chat technology development.


Microsoft predicts that chat-based interfaces will become more prevalent than mobile apps. When it comes to Internet search, shopping and a variety of other online services, the usability of apps is limited. Plus, users are selective about which apps they download. An intelligent chat-based interface...
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Casey Newton serves as lead Silicon Valley editor for tech website The Verge.

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