Summary of Coronavirus Outbreak Deepens Its Toll on Global Business

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Coronavirus Outbreak Deepens Its Toll on Global Business summary

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The economic impact of the coronavirus is jolting China’s massive market and reverberating around the world through manufacturing supply chains. COVID-19 is affecting the technology, consumer products, tourism and transportation industries, as well as shaking financial markets. This informative reporting from The New York Times highlights the virus’s profound and disruptive relay effects on international trade and supply-chain interconnections.

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The New York Times is a major global media company. 


The coronavirus outbreak is affecting businesses in all sectors.

Investors and the international business community are growing increasingly alarmed at the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak that began in China and is spreading worldwide. [The virus is now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2, and the World Health Organization talks about an outbreak of coronavirus disease, COVID-19.]

Quarantines that force consumers and workers to stay at home have disrupted Chinese manufacturers and the supply chains they support. Equity markets are responding, with firms in the energy, technology and...

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