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Corporate Aikido

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Corporate Aikido

Unleash the Potential within Your Company to Neutralize Competition and Seize Growth


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How do you spell victory? “Ai-” (harmony) “-ki-” (inner spirit) “-do!” (method). Any questions?

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Robert Pino uses the model of success in the martial art of aikido to show how corporations today can succeed. Aikido practices winning without fighting and in gaining a victory over yourself. In business, that means concentrating on building your own strengths, rather than trying to launch an aggressive attack. You deflect attacks against you by neutralizing your competitor and taking over his power and energy. Pino discusses ways aikido’s philosophy applies to the business world and gives examples of how major companies have used this approach. This interesting, original book suffers from two writing faults: occasional long, difficult-to-read sentences and repetition of the same ideas. Nonetheless, getAbstract recommends this book to those seeking new strategies for strengthening their organizations in a competitive marketplace.


The Philosophy of Aikido

Businesses have often acted upon the belief that "marketing is war," based on the philosophy that you must eliminate your competitors to win. Competition is valuable in stimulating improvement and in spurring companies to be innovative. However, this is a process in which none of the competitors have to lose. Instead of thinking about destroying your competition, think about surpassing it. Your results will be better. Focusing on "making the strength of the competitor redundant" is a much more effective, enduring strategy than trying to destroy the competitor by attacking its weak areas. This is a more ethical approach, since your company will win based on its inner strength, not on eliminating the competition.

This approach derives from the philosophy of aikido. Aikido comes from the three words: "ai"- coordination or harmony; "ki"- mental energy or spirit; and "do"- method or way. This philosophy focuses on seeking harmony of mental energy or spirit. This approach is useful in management, as well as in the martial arts. With this approach, you should welcome competition, rather than being afraid of it. Competition contributes to improvement...

About the Author

Robert Pino has more than twenty years of international experience in marketing and strategic decision-making. He was in management at Sara Lee and AT Kearney before founding his own strategy consulting firm, Robert Pino & Company. It has offices in Chicago, Rotterdam, and Hong Kong. He gives seminars and consults with the world’s largest multinationals and global Fortune 500 companies.

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