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The Upping Your Elvis Podcast

The Upping Your Elvis Podcast,

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Consciously engage in a courageous act today to inspire yourself in work and in life.

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Business used to be a lot slower, and a lot more methodical: Deliver a respectable product or service, and your company would probably survive. But the only way to make a splash in today’s tumultuous, ever-shifting business environment is to find the courage to live your true self, challenge the status quo and present ideas that go against the grain. The courage that leads to business success will also inspire you in your personal life. In this episode of the Upping Your Elvis podcast, Kyle Hermans, the CEO of Be Courageous, discusses courage with podcast hosts Chris Baréz-Brown and Jim Lusty.


Today’s business environment requires risk-taking and courage.

To scale and be successful, businesses have always needed to demonstrate operational competency; but today’s business landscape demands much more: To be successful, businesses need to be disruptive and undergo explosive growth. You won’t experience either if you function only from a safe operational headspace. Sometimes, when a creative team is failing, one brave person must step forward with authenticity and a willingness to challenge the status quo. His or her courage will lift the entire team to a new level. But that kind of breakthrough occurs only when one person proves willing to act courageously.

Unpredictable and complex situations require courage – whether they arise in your professional or personal life. Making a conscious effort to ...

About the Podcast

Kyle Hermans is the CEO and co-founder of Be Courageous. In the Upping Your Elvis podcast, author and entrepreneur Chris Baréz-Brown and speaker and innovator Jim Lusty do different experiments to find out how to get people’s energy right, so they can get their extraordinary on.

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