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You are creative. If you don’t think of yourself that way, you’re selling yourself short and missing opportunities for innovation. Brothers Tom Kelley and David Kelley have worked together for three decades to chip away at the “creativity myth” that says only people in certain artistic fields are creative. Their affirming, encouraging guide offers dynamic examples of creativity in action, along with engaging exercises to help you and your colleagues develop creativity in your organization. The Kelleys deliver their great ideas efficiently – with tons of valuable details. getAbstract recommends their stimulating manual to everyone who’s ready to take creativity and innovation to a new level – individually or companywide.

Tom and David Kelley have developed an evergreen approach with staying power. They offer these lessons about building creativity in yourself, your team and your organization:

1. “Flip from design thinking to creative confidence.”

The idea that creativity applies only to the arts is a misconception that the Kelleys call “the creativity myth.” Instead, they advocate creative confidence, the “inherently optimistic” concept that everyone is creative. Rather than relegating “creative types” to peripheral roles, infuse creativity throughout your organization.

About the Authors

David Kelley founded the innovation and design firm IDEO where his brother Tom Kelley is a partner. David also created Stanford University’s d.school to teach design thinking. Tom is also an executive fellow at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He wrote The Ten Faces of Innovation and The Art of Innovation

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