Cultivating Communities of Practice
A review of

Cultivating Communities of Practice

A Guide to Managing Knowledge

Building Communities of Practice

by David Meyer

Communities of practice experts provide a detail, knowledgeable overview of these groups and their operations.

Communities of Practice

Communities of practice harken back to medieval guilds where people who shared an occupation congregated to sharpen their skills and represent their field. Knowledge management consultants Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott and William Snyder explain how today’s professionals who share a specialization can interact regularly to develop their expertise, solve problems, develop strategies and learn.

Wenger is a renowned pioneer in this field and his co-authors are experts, as well. The basis for this volume is Wenger’s foundational Communities of Practice. He also co-authored Digital Habitats and Situated Learning. The authors’ combined knowledge makes this book a great resource for anyone interested in knowledge management, community development and organizational culture.

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    J. S. 1 decade ago
    easy to follow abstract with enough guidance to help establish an effective community of practice without buying the full book