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In today’s modern, hypercompetitive Internet age, where product choices seem limitless and extensive product information and reviews are only a click away, newly empowered customers call the shots. Head-in-the-sand companies that fail to accept this reality will wither away and die. Customer-research expert Chuck Wall makes these arguments based on interviewing or surveying more than 100,000 customers. He backs up his thesis with valuable insights and fascinating case histories of “Customer CEO” companies. Wall says his belief that companies should pay close attention to their customers is “radical,” but by now, the axiom that companies should be customer-centric is pretty much common knowledge. Even so, Wall offers well-informed, valuable observations about what customers care about and want. getAbstract recommends his thoughtful perceptions to everyone who has customers, wants to retain them and hopes to attract even more.

About the Author

Chuck Wall, founder of the Customer CEO consultancy, started seven other enterprises and surveyed more than 100,000 customers in nearly every business category.


Customers Stay Where They Get Love

Many companies once took their customers for granted. They did little customer research and ignored the research that came their way. They produced shoddy products that did not meet their customers’ needs. Their service and their values were weak, and they prioritized profits above all. Companies that hewed to this old approach are now disappearing for lack of clientele. Today’s Internet-empowered customers have millions of available product and service choices. They won’t stand for poor treatment anymore. Unhappy customers simply abandon companies that don’t meet their needs and expectations. They have plenty of alternatives.

Although the old maxim claims otherwise, customers are not always right. Often, they are wrong, but rightness and wrongness no longer matter. Now that product and pricing information is so readily available, customers call the shots. Within this new alignment, businesses must conduct extensive research to learn who their customers are and what they want. Firms with something to sell must become customer centric.

Even as you’re trying to learn who your customers are and what they care about, bear in mind...

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