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Dare to Lead Like a Girl

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Dare to Lead Like a Girl

How to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate Jungle

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Follow the 5P model of feminine leadership to cultivate personal and team success.

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Leadership consultant Dalia Feldheim offers a fresh, well-researched consideration of groundbreaking leadership methods that incorporate what she defines as “feminine qualities:” Empathy, self-care, work-life balance and gratitude. Using examples from her own experience and those of other women, Feldheim demonstrates how “leading like a girl” can build success, respect and a healthier work environment. She offers her “5P model” of leadership – purpose, power up, perspective, people and positivity – which you can use to cultivate productivity, employee engagement and better relationships, and to become an inspiring, empathetic boss.


Women leaders should use an empathetic, feminine approach based on the “5P model” of leadership: “Purpose, power up, perspective, people and positivity.”

Obsolete notions about gender still cause many people to assume automatically that leaders should act assertively and impersonally. They believe effective leadership means embodying such traits, which are typically labeled as masculine qualities. This is not surprising, because historically most leaders have been men, and many of them have taken an emotionally cold approach to leadership. 

The value that society places on the boss with the “iron fist” has led to a workplace crisis. Employees are unhappy when their supervisors fail to treat them as individual human beings. Such resentment has led to an increase in harassment, bullying and toxic work environments. 

The time has come to re-evaluate which qualities make sound leaders and to appreciate leadership traits that people more often associate with feminity. 

Sadly, many people view the qualities typically associated with women – such as empathy, compassion and...

About the Author

Former top-level global marketing executive at P&G, Dalia Feldheim is the CEO and founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy.

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