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Dare to Serve

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Dare to Serve

How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others


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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen CEO Cheryl Bachelder shares the key to her company’s amazing turnaround: “servant leadership.”

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Cheryl Bachelder joined Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen as CEO in 2007 in the midst of the fried-chicken restaurant chain’s downward spiral. Sales had declined, the stock price had tanked, and relations between corporate leaders and franchise owners were adversarial at best. From the outset, Bachelder and her executive team embraced “servant leadership.” To them, that meant prioritizing service to franchisees, focusing on game-changing problems, committing resources and measuring progress. They valued the people they served both inside and outside of the organization. By 2015, profits were up 40%, market share was growing and the stock price had never been higher. Bachelder’s leadership advice is simple, straightforward and based on humanist principles. And it works. getAbstract recommends her easy, inspiring read to CEOs, HR managers, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and aspiring or current leaders in every field.


“Spotlight” Leadership

Many leaders see themselves as the star of the show. These spotlight leaders are self-centered. Their attitude derives from authority-based leadership: they describe their vision, provide all the answers and show their subordinates the way to go. These leaders demand attention and affirmation. They use their power and authority to make others do their bidding and seldom bring out the best in the people who work for them.

“Dare-to-Serve” leaders shun center stage, collaborate with their co-workers, seek input and share the credit. They deliver exceptional results by serving others and acting in their organizations’ best interests, not their self-interest. Dare-to-serve leaders bravely lead their companies and workers “to daring destinations” and “serve others on the journey.”

Dare-to-serve leadership fosters an environment that encourages high-performing team members. These leaders choose to serve. Acting with confidence, they help their employees believe they can achieve goals beyond self-serving ambitions. They hold staff members accountable and help them build their abilities. They inspire their employees to have the courage to embrace...

About the Author

Cheryl Bachelder became the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurants in 2007. She held prior positions with P&G, Gillette, Nabisco and Domino’s Pizza.

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