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According to data analytics professional Clare Flynn Levy, investors’ behavior patterns can help explain their portfolio performance. In this revealing podcast discussion with the CFA Institute’s Lauren Foster, Levy describes how an analysis of historical trades can illuminate the errors investors make, as well as their successes, and she emphasizes that learning from this data can improve financial returns. Professional money managers, executives and the average investor will discover valuable insights in this informative report.

About the Podcast

Lauren Foster is host of the CFA Institute’s Take 15 Podcast, which highlights interviews with economists, investors and researchers on financial topics. Clare Flynn Levy is the founder and CEO of Essential Analytics. 


Data analytics can offer professional investors tactical trading insights.

Professional money managers are in business to secure above-average returns for their investors, and to do that, they must understand how their own behavioral tendencies influence their investment choices. With the rise of data analytics, investment managers can now use historical statistics on trades, entry and exit points, volumes and prices to recognize their behavioral patterns and generate more consistent returns.

The purchase of a particular stock is the biggest factor in creating alpha – a return in excess of some standard benchmark...

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