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Death by PowerPoint

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Death by PowerPoint

A Modern Office Survival Guide

Da Capo Press,

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How to survive work by seeing how funny it is: a parody with a point.

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Corporate life, like high school, has a social order that separates the drones from the workers. The queen bees, better known as executives, sit back and enjoy the fruits of their workers’ labors. In fact, bosses made approximately 40 times more money than average workers in 1980; the figure jumped to about 400 times more by 1999. That’s unfair, but so is life in the workplace. Michael Flocker offers amusing observations and practical (as well as funny, but impractical) advice in his satirical look at office survival. He covers everything from dress codes and office politics to etiquette and office romances. getAbstract recommends this book to any employee who’s looking for a little comic relief. That pretty much includes everybody.


Reading the Signs

When you apply for a job, look for telltale signs about the work environment. If the interviewer describes it as “fast-paced,” then get ready to be thrown to the wolves with no training or direction. Does the firm expect you to be a self-starter? Prepare to figure out what your job is, since the company doesn’t have a clue. Will your “duties vary”? Plan to never have a slow day. Does the job require “leadership” skills? You’ll have management duties but no title. Knowing what you’re getting into can make your situation more tolerable. Spot the warning signals that tell you what to expect – and brace yourself.

Understanding your place in the office hierarchy is important. Know who is above and below you on the ladder. Identifying your boss’s personality type also will help you cope. Your boss could be:

  • “The Friend Boss” – The best kind. You like and respect each other. You don’t need self-defense skills.
  • “The Buddy Boss” – Needs you as a friend. Invites you to hang out after work and makes strange personal confessions. Stay low-key and don’t volunteer personal information.
  • “The Pandora’s Boss” – Your...

About the Author

Michael Flocker is the author of The Metrosexual Guide to Style, The Hedonism Handbook and The Fame Game.

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